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Alex Chapman @The MindSpa

Therapy Sessions
UK-Accredited Counsellor and Hypnotherapist
Individual Therapy

When you're emotionally exhausted, life seems overwhelming, or you just can't see how to resolve a problem, counselling with a trained and experienced professional can really make a difference.  It may sound obvious, but if you want to make a change to how your life is going, and start doing things differently, you need to stop doing things the way you do them. It might be logical, but it's the kind of advice we struggle to put into practice. With help from a trained and experienced counsellor, and using your own amazing abilities (yes, really!) you can find out how to create change that feels natural, and easy to sustain.

 The important thing to remember is that support is available, and we’re not alone in our journey.

Book your appointment

Appointments with me are relaxed, supportive and non-judgmental.  Sessions take place

 in my quiet, welcoming, clean and private therapy space in Peyia,

or as a visit to you in your home.

Telephone and Zoom consultations also available.


For more information about appointments and how to book, click here.


Thinking about making a last-ditch effort to avoid a breakup? Or want to stay on good terms after you part? Couples therapy can really help get you back on track.

Yes, there might be huge issues between you at the moment, but there have been some fun times too. Find out how I can help you repair your relationship, or if you decide to move on, agree to part in a positive way.


Instead of letting your thoughts hold you back, you can use them to help you become the very best version of yourself – someone who is fulfilled, happy and successful. All by harnessing the extraordinary power of your own mind. Hypnotherapy is the process of relaxing you to a point where your conscious mind simply quietens.  Your unconscious is then able to accept positive suggestions to help you achieve your goals, ditch a phobia or change unhelpful thought patterns.  I also teach self-hypnosis, which can help with many situations, and in particular can be very useful with dental or needle phobias.  You’re not giving away your control. You’re taking it back!

My Approach

You might be wondering how working with me may help you.  

Your appointments, and everything we talk about together, are completely confidential.  We will have an initial exploratory meeting, where we'll talk about what you're looking for from therapy.  I will answer your questions about therapy and also evaluate your needs and goals.  If we decide to work together,  I will create a personalised treatment programme for you, combining appropriate helpful elements from a number of counselling and psychotherapy models.  I can help you to build confidence, self-esteem and motivation, to set objectives, overcome the negative legacy of past events and achieve clarity and perspective.


With the help of hypnotherapy, I work with your own powerful motivation, to help you change negative behaviours that could be harming your health and wellbeing.


About me

Hi, I'm Alex, a UK-trained and accredited counsellor and qualified clinical hypnotherapist, based in Paphos, Cyprus.

For over 25 years I worked with people at crisis points in their lives and helped them to find a way forward. Over the past 15 years, as a counsellor, and more recently as a hypnotherapist, I’ve helped many people reach their goals, overcome fears, and let go of unwanted thoughts and behaviours.

I can help to empower you by giving you the skills and tools you need to re-assess your current situation and move forward in your life, feeling better and living well.  Therapy with me is a supportive and non-judgmental experience. 


Personal development, counselling, and meditation have all been part of my own journey. I’ve had a long and varied life, seen many things, and even done some of them myself.  I understand life is not “one size fits all” and the best of intentions can sometimes get us into bad places.


CBT and other strategies

For more information about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other mental wellness strategies, contact Alex.

The MindSpa is delighted to collaborate with professional independent practitioners who are part of the "healthy mind in healthy body" holistic approach to wellness. 

Yoga teacher

Clare Hurrell


an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher who makes yoga fun (if you didn't already think it was!)

Fitness Trainer/Nutritionist

Karen Flawith K-Fit


With a special interest in fitness of older people, and rehabilitation after injury, Karen is a goldmine of information and motivation!

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