Y O G A   Small-group Yoga with Claire Hurrell is available weekly at the MindSpa.  To book a session go to "Booking your Appointment" to check availability.

 TAI CHI    Small group practice and informal tuition available. Please call for details.

 MEDITATION training with certified teacher,

 MINDFULNESS training, 

 ASSERTIVENESS training and other short courses and group work are also available.

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 Here's some information on the benefits of practicing conscious GRATITUDE:

There are several benefits to gratitude practice.

  • increased happiness and positive mood
  • more satisfaction with life
  • less materialistic
  • less likely to experience burnout
  • better physical health
  • better sleep
  • less fatigue
  • lower levels of cellular inflammation
  • greater resiliency
  • encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom